May 18

High performance resistojet thruster: STAR Status Update

Dr Federico Romei, Dr Angelo Grubisic, Matthew Robinson and Dave Gibbon

Space Propulsion 2018

14/05/18 → 18/05/18

Seville, Spain


This paper presents the performance testing of the Super-high Temperature Additive Resistojet (STAR) prototype, the first additively manufactured resistojet thruster with a novel monolithic design of heat exchanger. In this paper, operation of the concept was demonstrated at the operational temperature limits of the prototype material. In hot gas mode, the prototype developed 80s specific impulse with argon gas, with a calculated stagnation temperature between 380°C and 500°C at the inlet of the nozzle. The paper proves the feasibility of operation of a concentric thin walled monolithic recirculating resistojet manufactured via selective laser melting.