CDT Conference 2020: Sustainable Futures

This year our annual CDT conference was held online on this website and through Microsoft TEAMS on 8th December 2020 from 10.00-12.00.

Students from CDTs in Sustainable Infrastructure Systems and Sustainable Infrastructure for Cities worked together to create this research showcase.

Over 50 people attended the online event with 6 presentations given by PhD research students on the topics of Water, Energy and Transport Engineering. The event was opened with a welcome from the CDT Director Prof Paul Kemp, Director of the International Centre for Ecohydraulics Research.

The final presentation was given on the Future Towns Innovation Hub by Prof Clinton Styles. The Future Towns Innovation Hub will work closely with Southampton University in partnership with the Southampton Science Park to deliver their new Engineering and Innovation Building.

The Engineering Innovation Building (EIB) will be constructed by the USSP in partnership with the University of Southampton to bring together University research activities and local business interests in the Enterprise M3 area focusing on Transforming and Connecting Future Towns and Small Cities along the M3 corridor. As the global economy continues to place greater value on innovation as a means to grow new sectors and new jobs, the role and value of innovation spaces will equally rise. Not only do they give people the freedom and focus to experiment, innovation spaces, in their own right, have become a locus of experimentation in design. Having the ability to react and respond, to test and try, to make mistakes and move on, make them first-line experimenters that advance both practice and teaching. The EIB will provide a physical space for business and enterprise to access and interact with world leading expertise, skills, and facilities available within one of the UK’s most outstanding engineering groups in an environment that nurtures creativity and innovation. 

To watch the presentations or read the slides please visit these posts Group 1Group 2

A full schedule of the event here.




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08 December 2020 CDT Sustainable Infrastructure Systems and CDT Sustainable Infrastructure for Cities  

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