CDT Conference 2017 – Videos

Presentations and talks from the third annual CDT SIS Conference: Infrastructure and the Environment 2017.

All videos are also available on our Sustainable Infrastructure Systems YouTube channel:

Video 1: Introduction to the CDT-SIS Conference from CDT Director Professor Paul Kemp.


Video 2: Conference Presentation from CDT SIS student Diego Panici. Presentation title: “Understanding Woody Debris James at Bridge Piers.”


Video 3: Conference Presentation from Professor Ian Williams from the Centre of Environmental Sciences at the University of Southampton, and Ms Rebecca Kennedy from Southern Water. Presentation title: “Applying circular economy thinking to Industry: a case study for Southern Water”.


Video 4: Conference Presentation from Dr Craig K. Allison from the Transportation Research Group at the University of Southampton. Presentation title: ” G-Active – Green Adaptive Control for Future Interconnected Vehicles”.