Dec 13

CDT team meals

The CDT SIS students have enjoyed a couple of team meals at local restaurants recently, whilst allowed. We enjoy the time together to meet new students, catch up with friends and celebrate success.

In November we went to the Ancient Viceroy in Portswood for a curry to celebrate Boni Hima and Toshan Rampat passing their vivas and being awarded Engineering Doctorates.

On the 6th December we went to the Brewhouse and Kitchen in Highfield for our Winter Warmer meal. We celebrated a good term and return to the labs for many of the PGRs. This had been a hard term for some but we have made the most of online webinars and opportunities to meet together when possible. We are looking forward to 2022, the final year of research for many of the last cohort and writing up time for earlier cohorts. We hope for success in the research and papers to be published to disseminate our work.