Sep 25

Environment Agency’s bristles help fish in Isle of Wight rivers

CDT-SIS graduate Dr Daniella Montali-Ashworth is now working with the Environment Agency and her Cylindrical Bristle Clusters have been installed on rivers on the Isle of Wight during the summer of 2020.

Articles in the local press from September 25, 2020.




Installing the Cylindrical Bristle Clusters on the Isle of Wight

Teams from the Environment Agency have been fitting specialist bristles in Lukely Brook, near Carisbrooke and Wroxall Stream, near Waightshale. The Environment Agency, says the technology is really important for the health and biodiversity of the Isle of Wight’s rivers.

The bristles create access for fish even when water levels are low, as demonstrated below, by two stunt fish at Southampton University. And if you are concerned it might only work for small fish (these are roach of about 15-20cm), similar bristles on the river Arun are already being used by large chub, measuring 30-40cm. It’s hoped they’llĀ make it easier for fish to passĀ over structures like weirs.