Oct 11

Go Ape! Team building event

A group of PGRs and staff headed to Go Ape at Itchen Valley Country Park for a team building event on 8th October to welcome new students to CDT Sustainable Infrastructure for Cities.

We completed the Treetop Adventure and some brain teaser games.

Treetop Adventure course included two loops. Loop 1 was made up of confidence building crossings with lots to cling to, where the longer loop 2 had wobbly bridges to test our skills. Both ended with a super zip wire ride back to the ground.

Team games brought out our competitive side. We were asked to work out how to cross a space with planks and piers, pick up blocks with ropes and bungees, and race as teams with planks on our feet. These problem solving exercises challenged us and required us to work together as a whole group or in smaller teams.