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May 23

An alternative approach to track settlement prediction

An alternative approach to track settlement prediction Ognibene, Giacomo,Ā Le Pen, Louis,Ā Harkness, John,Ā Zervos, AntoniosĀ andĀ Powrie, WilliamĀ (2021)Ā An alternative approach to track settlement prediction. Ā InĀ 4th International Conference on Transportation Geotechnics (4th ICTG), Illinois, Chicago, United States. 23 – 26 May 2021.Ā 13 ppĀ .Ā (In Press) Advances in Transportation Geotechnics IVĀ pp 99-112 Record type:Ā Conference or Workshop Item (Paper) URI:Ā http://eprints.soton.ac.uk/id/eprint/450769 Abstract Many empirical …

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Dec 11

“Sustainable Futures” Presentations group 2

Sustainable Futures Georgios Rempelos Sustainable Futures Giacomo Ognibene Sustainable Futures Toby Roberts Future Towns Innovation Hub Clint Styles

Jul 03

Analysis of a bridge approach: long-term behaviour from short-term response

Giacomo Ognibene, Prof William Powrie, Dr Louis Le Pen and Dr John Harkness 15th Railway Engineering Conference, Edinburgh, U.K. 3rd July 2019 Abstract Transition zones are locations where trackbed support conditions change abruptly, for example from an earth embankment onto a bridge. The track geometry at these sites degrades faster than regular railway track, requiring …

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