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Mar 22

Developing a systematic method for extraction of microplastics in soils

Developing a systematic method for extraction of microplastics in soils Freya Radford,¬†¬†*a¬†¬†¬†Lina M. Zapata-Restrepo,b¬†¬†¬†Alice A. Horton,¬†¬†c¬†¬†¬†Malcolm D. Hudson,b¬†¬†¬†Peter J. Shawb¬†¬†and¬†¬†Ian D. Williams¬†¬†a¬†¬† aFaculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, University of Southampton, E-mail:¬† bFaculty of Environmental and Life Sciences, University of Southampton, cNational Oceanography Centre, European Way, Southampton, UK Analytical Methods¬†2021,13, 1695-1705 First published: 22 Mar …

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Feb 13

Current perspectives on acidogenic fermentation to produce volatile fatty acids from waste

‚ÄúAcidogenic fermentation is a clean treatment for biodegradable waste and provides an alternative to petroleum refineries, but researchers need to address some challenges: a better understanding on fermentation parameters, product recovery and process integration‚ÄĚ Maria Ramos-Suarez,¬†Yue Zhang¬†&¬†Victoria Outram Reviews in Environmental Science and Bio/Technology¬†(2021)¬† Published:¬†13 February 2021 Abstract Volatile fatty acids (VFAs) are key …

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Dec 24

Upscaling the shallow water equations for fast flood modelling Alireza Shamkhalchian¬†&Gustavo A. M. De Almeida Received 04 Dec 2019, Accepted 19 Aug 2020, Published online: 24 Dec 2020 Journal of Hydraulic Research Abstract This paper presents a new sub-grid flood inundation model aimed at high computational performance. The model solves the two-dimensional shallow water equations (SWE) by a Godunov-type finite volume (FV) method …

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Dec 10

A method for assessing the life cycle costs of modifications to ballasted track systems

A method for assessing the life cycle costs of modifications to ballasted track systems Georgios Rempelosa Alejandro Ortegaa Simon Blaineya John Prestona Louis Le Penb John Armstronga a Transportation Research Group, University of Southampton, b Infrastructure Research Group, University of Southampton, Available online 6 September 2020. Construction and Building Materials Volume 263,¬†10 December 2020, …

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Oct 21

Validation of a method to quantify microfibres present in aquatic surface microlayers

Joshua Birkenhead, Freya Radford, Jessica Stead, Prof Andy Cundy and Dr Malcom Hudson. Journal: Scientific Reports Volume: 10 Article number: 17892 ISSN (Print): 2045-2322 Published on 21 Oct 2020 Abstract Many of the methods for microplastics quantification in the environment are criticised creating problems with data validity. Quantification of microplastics in the surface microlayer …

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Sep 30

A featureless approach to improve self-consistency in structured light bathymetry

Research Article Stanley, David,¬†Bodenmann, Adrian,¬†Massot Campos, Miguel¬†and¬†Thornton, Blair¬†(2020) 2020 IEEE OES Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Symposium, Online, Canada.¬†30 Sep – 02 Oct 2020.¬†6 pp¬†.¬†(Submitted) Submitted date:¬†11 September 2020 Venue – Dates:¬†2020 IEEE OES Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Symposium, Online, Canada, 2020-09-30 – 2020-10-02 Record type:¬†Conference or Workshop Item (Paper) Abstract This paper describes a novel method for …

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Sep 25

Environment Agency’s bristles help fish in Isle of Wight rivers

CDT-SIS graduate Dr Daniella Montali-Ashworth is now working with the Environment Agency and her Cylindrical Bristle Clusters have been installed on rivers on the Isle of Wight during the summer of 2020. Articles in the local press from September 25, 2020. 

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Sep 01

A mechanical approach to understanding the impact of the nematode Anguillicoloides crassus on the European eel swimbladder

Research Article Each CDT SIS cohort undertake a group project with researchers from different disciplines working together to understand and research a complex real world problem sustainable engineering problems.

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Aug 30

A transferable method for estimating the economic impacts of track interventions: application to ground-borne noise reduction measures for whole sections of route

Marcus Young, Georgios Rempelos, Evangelos Ntotsios, Dr Simon Blainey, Prof David Thompson and Prof Jonathan Preston Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part F: Journal of Rail and Rapid Transit 0954-4097 Scopus rating (2019):¬†CiteScore 3.4¬†SJR 0.58¬†SNIP 1.296 10.1177/0954409720953730   Abstract The environmental impacts of noise and vibration are becoming increasingly important in the assessment …

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Aug 10

The Southampton System: a new universal standard approach for port-city classification

Research Article Toby Roberts , Ian Williams  & John Preston  Published online for Taylor and Francis: 10 Aug 2020 Abstract The most widely-used current system for classifying port-cities is limited to container ports, excluding other types of cargo and passengers. This limits the usefulness of research findings and policy recommendations.

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